Video Class Summary – Restaurant Inventory Control

Edit Excel Inventory Sheets

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One of the most important aspects of managing your food cost is managing the entire inventory process from start to finish.  Controlling your month end food inventory and food cost is essential both for your business as well as for your own professional reputation & success.  Controlling your operation’s end of month food inventory revolves around four specific tasks:  Taking inventory, verifying credits & transfers, verifying the pre-closing food inventory balance sheet, and checking posted inventory.  Managing each step of this process is vital to being on top of your numbers.

Restaurant Inventory Control Part 1 deals with best practices on how to properly take inventory, tracking transfers and credits. Part 2 dives deep into lesser known aspects of verifying your ending inventory sheets before final posting for the period, how to search for and find errors before the accounting department posts your ending inventory incorrectly.

Be sure to also watch the final video Restaurant Inventory Control – Part 3  Find/Fix Inventory Errors which gives step by step examples of how to use Excel to find and fix errors before inventory closing. This video shows how to use Excel to correct errors in your inventory count sheets, fix incorrect extensions and/or costing errors, and Chef David shows how to write simple Excel formulas which will make your life easier when examining your numbers.


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